Moving 2

like a delay before a good sneeze,
you know it is coming, until it’s in front of your nose;
and then, bam!
the deadline is here.
everything must change, the lights, the shapes,
the forms, the texture, the air, the color,
the warmth, the coolness, the wetness,
the hardness, the mythic enchantedness,
everything, everything must change;
and along with it, part of you must go too!
be careful; otherwise you might lose something precious.
then move on.



I sense electrifying anxiousness
as I wait for the day to move out of my apartment
morning rituals, golden sunsets, night sceneries,
as if an invisible switch had turned,
will all be far out of reach
to live in a space is to build a life
to uproot what you had
it is rather heartbreaking
maybe there is a proper way to say goodbye
I just hope I can move on fine
and remember all the memories


Hidden Gem

even in an apocalypse, there is love
unselfish love that keep us warm
even during a rat race on a collapsing road
love that allows us to become a juggernaut
impenetrable passion to protect the beloved
it’s a soft gentle touch to the heart
even as all things around us fall apart
that remembers what life is worth
and let us fight the good fight



I’ve been blinded by tears and sweat and dusts
after running as fast as I could, faster than anyone
Now numbed with soreness and calluses
I cannot tell whether the soft silky grains
soaking around my ankle are sands of beach
or dusts and ashes of skulls and bones
I cannot tell whether this water quenching my thirst
is fresh spring fountain or blood
I cannot tell if this steps of mountain
are polished stairs or traps laid for blind
I wipe my eyes
but they burn instead, blinding me further
I wait for my judgement
in the dark, deathly quiet silence.


Thank you

we can’t ignore we live in a selfish world
it is rather virtuous to be self-interested
not because of bitter reasons
but because when you walk the walk
the path so tortuous and lonesome,
in the end of long tunnel, there might be light
perchance collision of shooting stars
the explosive beginning of all
and I am grateful for you
to have walked the walk
and to collide with me
here and now



the only source of strength to endure dark nights
was a stream of light I had glimpsed
through the dark stormy clouds
when you showed grace through sacrifice
and placed a piece of faith in me.
I fought the fights, endured blistering scars,
and walked miles upon miles of roads
because of this gem of blessing.
allow me to bestow this also upon you
to protect you throughout your journey.
may you find peace in hardships
may you find joy in all you do.