Trip to Iceland – the Land of Vikings



What would an animal in a cage feel like? You see world outside, yet you can’t go there. The world is not an illusion. It’s real. And it prevents you to go out and explore.


That’s how I felt living in Boston.


Once, it had been a wonderful place. I was in a relationship, I was slowly building experience towards high education, and slowly, yet steadily earning money.

Then, I crashed my entrance exam, broke up with girlfriend, and lost my job. Now, I did not know where I was headed with my pre-health degree.

I’ve worked in cafe as a barista for a year, receiving minimum wage. I spent months wrestling with exam prep questions day and night while others went on hiking, partying, and sharing joyous moments together. It felt like a burning hell, but I wasn’t going to stop. I kept on walking.


Then, I got fired from a health clinic, where I’ve poured in all of my energy to support its mission to help those who are both poor and sick. Everything seemed meaningless. I’ve worked so hard to become a physician to help those in need of help, yet I questioned whether the effort was worth the cause.

Then, I happened to talk to one of my good friends.


Straight away, he told me to go to Iceland.


I’ve been always wanting to go to Iceland. Just because it is Iceland. Also, I’ve watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty before (if you have watched it, you’ll see what I mean). A post-doc researcher from a lab I worked in recommended to me strongly “when you have money, you don’t have time to travel. When you time, you don’t have money. Just go, it’s a great place”.


I’ve long forgotten about it, but thanks to my friend, I decided to go.

That night, I purchased ticket to go to Iceland two days later.

That’s how I went to Iceland, my first oversea trip on my own.


I illustrate my experience in Iceland day by day.


I can tell you this for now:

it’s been truly magical.


KRK 2.3.2018



I glanced at my hands,

Skin is thicker than I remember,

Bones hardened with blows I endured more than I can bear.

Bittersweet wrinkles are the ones that stare back at me now.

Crimson sun rising beyond dark blue sky reminds me again: it ain’t over yet.

Perhaps I’d need to tear off this white shirt

Run with bear feet a thousand mile

And shout with wills of the thousands that passed out behind me

I am here!



Stranger, hold on to that vine, you are

Stronger than you believe, a

Soldier of resilience and unquestionable triumphs.

Whirlwind spins around you faster and

World blinks and turns and

Whiplashes blindspots impassive and strong

Real man holds it in, they said.

Still, have you seen these tears?

Here, hold on to your dream, my dear.



Try hold on to this pure gold lava,

steaming with vigorous heat energy,

Like a baby dragon scrambling to get out of

A soft, sturdy rock shell.

Pain seems to be a constant reminder that

Life is limited and comfort is overrated.

Pain is the reason I focus and the ask for the reason why I sing and dream,

Dreaming of the freedom



Let me be a dung,

I will be the best dung in the world

I will bring forth bubbly flowers and waves of green leaves

Clear sky of breezy summer day light and a cool dusky evening.

Let me be a dung,

I may be soft and stink; but I will lift you up

I may be brittle, but I will be warm.

I may be crusty, but I will protect you from wild animals.

I will be the best dung in the world, for I love the world.



I am holding on,

Holding on because of the truth,

Truth that told me I will be justified

In a moment’s notice

I am holding on,

When everything’s spinning in a carousel

Unfamiliar wounds are building up,

I am smiling, for this, too, shall pass.

I am holding on,

No, I am changing my life, for nothing will come for a rescue or redemption

Hammering my way, building a house; a world of my consciousness.

I am holding on,

I am holding on to a hot leash of this world.



For what it’s worth, here is my life.

I’ve seen the pair of your eyes,

Not letting my iris escape the eclipse of yours.

In your dark pupil, I’ve seen a quiet flame soar.

I am afraid. Afraid of what I believe as true

And a possibility that it may be different

from what the actual truth is.

But for what it’s worth, here is my life.

When our paths cross, I will be your faithful friend and your formidable foe.

When our paths depart, I will sing a voiceless song of your soul.

Because in your pupil, I’ve seen your flame grow.